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*Fallin' Angel Records is an independabt Record Label. We specialize in internet marketing and social promotion. We create websites along with musician profiles. We can create and propel any field of entertainment. We have access to high-class, as well as low-class recording studios; Models / Video Vixens; Actresses & a slew of mainstream and independent musicians. We have a proven, unique method of distribution which has had a global impact. #FallinAngel21 Search For Us Online!

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Jerry Ade ( Jerry Ade. Jerry Ade Articles Contact ADE Management. Jerry Ade. Jerome C. Ade PO Box 403. Portland, ME 04112. E-mail Jerry Ade. 207-774-1009.)  is quoted as saying "I tell every artist to choose somebody to be on your side. When you put a cohesive team together and they all work in unison with one another as a team, you are more apt to be successful than if you are fighting a variety of different influences in a variety of different ways"

    Fallin’ Angel Records © Provides Promotion, Distribution, Tour Support & Publicity if you already have momentum in the music game. If you need that push to get into this business then we can also do that! 

Ron Stone ( American personal manager, and musician's advocate. is quoted as saying “A manager’s job is to get the artist to choose the right things to do based on the best information available and to provide that information”

     Fallin’ Angel Records © ~Let’s polish your talent in the here & now & we can get you signed later~

MC Overload is quoted as saying “Most of my peers have been in and out of label deals and had negative experiences. I don’t want a label deal just to say I’m signed. I want one that will benefit me”

     Fallin’ Angel Records © ~Check my site for insider tips and connects~ ~I am an honest person who will value your trust~ ~ I want to work with you because I believe in you~

Joann Murdock (Artists of Note. PO Box 11 Kaneville IL 60144. 630.557.2742 ) is quoted as saying "I can't sign an artist until they have a demonstrated following at least in certain regions in the country"

      Fallin’ Angel Records ©  ~I can guarantee any client a noticeable increase in their online Cloud presence on many platforms. Those platforms do include Facebook; MySpace; YouTube; Twitter; SounCloud; ReverbNation; Google+; Personal Websites & Many More!~

~Tips & Tricks - Ins & Outs~

  1. Do As Many Public Venues as Possible (Central Park SummerStage)
  2. Do a lot of shows & gigs, it shows you have work ethic.
  3. Prove to the the industry you can not only draw a crowd but also keep them entertained.
  4. Find a few spots to consistently perform (Open Mics, Clubs, etc.)
  5. Get a few Press Release Statements added to your name.
  6. Notify your fans at least 6 weeks in advance about upcoming performances.
  7. Play your music for total strangers & gauge their response.
  8. Get opinions from Dj's & Record store employees as well as patrons.
  9. Have your own merchandise with logos to pass out and sell.
  10. Always be Professional, You never know where your big break will come from.

Fan Comments / 
Press Statements



Haile N. Hinton, A.K.A. Fallin' Angel, A.K.A. Eliahthompson A.K.A. #FallinAngel21 Is Master Chairman of Fallin' Angel Records. He Has a Consortium of Media/Entertainment Professionals by His Side & a Worldwide Distribution Platform Which All Sitting Members of Fallin' Angel Records Hold Rights to Use & Maintain. 

Real-Life Encounters

Professional Connects

     Fallin' Angel was born in Harlem NYC. He has 2 Sisters, 1 Nephew & a Fallen Elder Brother by the name of Ralph (Idris) Hinton.

     Fallin' Angel has traveled the United States making MANY friends & connections. Some of the places he has visited & gained these solid connects are Santa Monica LA, Atlanta GA, New York NY, Boston MA, Buffalo NY, Roanoke VA, West Virginia, Macomb County Alabama, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Pennslyvania, Maine, DelawareBurlington VT, Cleveland OH, Miami Beach & Orlando FL as well as Canada

     Growing up in Harlem, Fallin's family survived many hardships of the times. The infamous fires of the late 80's & early 90's happened directly across the block from his family's residence. The "Dirty Dozen" corrupt Police Officers frequently ransacked his parents Freedom and materials.

     In addition to his many travels, Fallin' also has connects to States he hasn't physically been to such as Baltimore MD, Wyoming, Kansas City, Tennessee, Missouri, KentuckyChicago as well as Mexico & the United Kingdom.

     From the ages of 10-12, Fallin' resided in Queens, NY. He played on the St. Albans Little League baseball team, the Cougars, coached by Mr. Prince, a neighbor from the hood whose wife was a substitute math teacher for Fallin'

     Fresh out of High School, Fallin' began his career in the Media/Information industry, working for MPC Freidman also known as Roper ASW, Universal Survey Center, Central Marketing Inc. & Corsential Inc. These were all official telephone polling surveys which had a direct influence on current American topics. In addition, he has also worked for Competitrack Inc. which specializes in media tracking. Topics discussed included monies for Soccer in America as well as medications for insomnia as well as the Future of Social Security.

     Fallin' spent a combined 5 years at the polling places gaining much knowledge on America's trending behaviors. From 2006 - 2010 Fallin' has worked for Competitrack Inc. which is a Media Advertising Tracking Firm. There he spent 60% of his time watching EVERYTHING the media has to offer. He actually spent 2 of those years watching EVERY movie to hit the big screen as well as upgrade his Social elitest status by obtaining passage into the NYC's famed "night-life"

     If you know NYC geography, then you know The Q Club where countless up-and-coming stars made their debuts. Fallin' was all in the mix. Fallin' went to P.S. 50 & St. Josephs off 109th ave. in Queens, NY, hanging out in the same stomping grounds as the Lost Boys

     Fallin' has walked the "Star Road" in Hollywood; He has lived the NYC lifestyle where every other block is over-flowing with papparozzi. When Obama visited Dorchestor MA, Fallin' was filming. He was once on a short list to be interviewed by Rollin Stone Magazine, however, that project fell through the cracks.

     After things got a little too hectic for Fallin' in the inner City, Fallin' moved to Massapequa Park Long Island in a "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" kind of situation. Once there he linked up with the group "De La Soul" & major producers Bruiser & Jimmy Clips. Fallin' actually has lost projects of that era. While attending Amityville Memorial High School, Fallin' continued to build his reportoire in the music/streetz industry.

     A simple look at Fallin' Angel on YouTube reveals just how much of an elitest he is. He has clear personal footage of many celebrities such as the cast of Gossip Girl, Actors from the movie The Stepfather as well as various after-party footage in secret locations around New York City. Though he may appear "boogee" he is quite down to earth & has even canvassed for NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg for his 2nd term in office. Not only was he handsomely rewarded, he gained admittance into the after-party with all of its glory and access to the most known State representatives.

     After a small step back to Long Island, Fallin' quickly ended up back in Queens, NY, this time Long Island City/QueensBridge. There he had solid contact with legendary musicians Nas, Prodigy, SinClair (the barber) and those Chi-Wally-Wally QB finest dudes.

      Fallin' knows the ins & outs of the Media/Entertainment industry. Fallin' is working to achieve a bachelors degree in Medical Administration. He currently holds an Associates' in the filed & is a certified biller/coder. He also holds a passport and Commercial Driver's license with several endorsements. In short, he has all the neccessary qualifications to get 2 feet in the door and keep them planted.

     After QueensBridge - The Bronx! The Bronx has had the most influence on the style of music Fallin' creates, as well as his unique style & approach to life. Fallin' has done projects with official RuffRyder producers & various musicians throughout Edenwald & Baychester Projects

      If you are serious about advancing your music career from intermediary to executive/professional level, then you should consider dealing with Fallin' Angel Records! If you need a good word on your behalf & you have talent, Fallin' Angel will be your Representative. 

     Fallin' has always been on the ground-level of breaking & current trends. He was politicized and inspired by Ayana Nkenge Hinton (Life coach & Author) & Dead Prez (Socialist Party leaders & musicians). Fallin' has also been inspired by performances from Jill Scot as well as Erykah Badu.

      If you need mainstream promotion, Fallin' Angel Records can provide. I can connect you to DJ's who have HUGE followings & fanbase. These are just a few of the MANY options Fallin' Angel Records has at its disposal!

      Fallin' Angel Records has existed for over a decade. It is currently undergoing trademark & copyright procedures. Fallin' Angel Records has become a fully operational establishment on the 23rd day of November of the year 2012. Check out the various pages we have to offer. What we have done for ourselves, we can do for you!

     Fallin' has been schooled by famed Professor and Health Coach "Lester Loving" of Brooklyn, NYC. He has held Various church positions in a Bible following church for several years. Positions held include Deacon, assistant to Head of The Deacons, Bible School Teacher & Expounder, 3rd Treasurer, Community Services Director & Sitting Board Member, accounting for various offices held. He has received various commendations for his efforts.

      Fallin' Angel GUARANTEES your success and happiness with the services rendered! We will write up a proposal, dated & signed. You cannot lose! Just shoot us a message & we'll get back to you A.S.A.P.

     We can create your personal webpage & manage if you so wished; Our packages vary & are exclusively tailored to our precious customers. We can GUARANTEE you the service you request (as long as we are able).

     Fallin' Angel has had his share of misfortunes. His family went through a devastating break-up when he was just a small child. His father was incarcerated & not around to be of any use. The pressures of life have caused his mother to have emotional as well as physical breakdowns. His mother is now afflicted with breast cancer & under intensive care in Connecticut. 

     While growing up Fallin' was placed in & out of foster homes as well as group homes. His eldest sister NiKeisha was able to avoid these unfortunate events but Fallin' along with his other sister & fallen brother Ralph were brutally split up & struggled to keep the family unit together. Being from NYC he has witnessed countless acts of violence and murder on the City streets, he has been assaulted by the NYPD on numerous occasions forever leaving him socially imbalanced when it comes to any interactions with the police. He has been betrayed by the people he loves & abandoned by most of his family. 

     Throughout all of these trials & tribulations Fallin' has come out ahead of the game, earning a degree & certification as well as launching Fallin' Angel Records. When you speak with him, the first thing you'll notice is how he enunciates all of his words and stands with a straight posture. Fallin' has been shaped and molded into the kind of person you want to invite to your house for dinner then sneak out with your hubby cause you know he would make a great babysitter! When you think of real-life survivor, think Fallin' Angel Records.




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